Monday, August 22, 2011

Burning Man art car "Gritty Titty Gang Bang"

It was built by Bill Missett (aka General Nuisance) and myself, Coburn Hawk (aka Captain Overkill) for the 2010 Burning Man. It will not be attending this year's Burn but will be there in 2012.

It was originally a 1995 Nissan 240sx that was purchased at auction along with the worlds ugliest boat.

The donor car and boat were originally cross bred by Reverend "Gadget" Abbot (from the discovery channel shows "Big" and "Crash Test") for it's first trip to Burning Man in 2002. The vehicle was gifted to me and the craziness ensued. It keep starting everytime and we are convinced that it runs on "Good Times"
If all goes well, we will be bringing the car to the 2011 Las Vegas Halloween parade to drive it down Las Vegas Blvd. - Coburn Hawk

Here is a link to the full album of build pictures:

Thanks to Coburn Hawk.